Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God's Vibrant Love

I just looked in an old box and saw some of my old awards. It made me also reflect on other awards I have been given throughout my life. Awards are good to have, but after a while people forget and really don't care you achieved them. In fact, they don't even get to see the awards that you may see everyday.  You probably have some personal shrine in your home or office at work or you may be like me and have a lot of those things stored away. Either way, nobody really cares. Not even you!

I now choose to live my life not relishing the acts and achievements of my past, but continuing to work well on and enjoy the things I do now and in the future.  

I've been shaped by God to give Him my best!

That gold trophy I have has tarnished, but the love God gives me is still vibrant! 

I can also feel that love, and I can share that love with others because His love belongs to everyone.